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The impact of fraud on government and private institutions is enormous, reaching into the billions of dollars. But, of more immediate importance is what you can do to suppress fraud and limit its impact on your business. The Fraud Investigative Bureau, Ltd. is a private investigative agency that recognizes the detrimental impact fraud can have on a company or a government agency. Our motto, "Research, Investigations, Recoveries," integrated with our dedication and commitment to the client's needs, forms the foundation for the finest services available in the investigative field.

The Fraud Investigative Bureau, Ltd. is an agency licensed to conduct investigations in the United States and the United Kingdom. We have the ability to conduct all types of corporate investigations globally, at out client's request.

The Fraud Investigative Bureau, Ltd. can complement, or supplement, an overburdened or limited internal investigative unit. We can also be a cost-effective alternative to your staff. Additionally, our professionals provide immediate and specific investigative skills that are often not available in-house. Our knowledge, expertise, and flexibility give you a unique advantage in your detection and prevention efforts. Of foremost concern is the recovery of losses incurred through fraud. Our experts will work in securing voluntary restitution, or, when necessary, will assist with civil litigation or criminal prosecution.

The information presented on this site outline some of our assets, abilities, and potential contributions to your organization. Since we cannot elaborate on all the details of our organization and it's services, we welcome, and encourage, inquiries for more information. We are ready to assist you, now and in the future.

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