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The Fraud Investigative Bureau, Ltd., through one of its divisions (Commonwealth Security Services), is able to provide state of the art security consultation to the architectural community.

Our experts can assist architectural engineering firms with complete consultation in regards to designing the layout of security measures for commercial and residential buildings. Our specialists can point out areas for improved design to increase safety, minimize losses, and ensure compliance with current regulations utilizing cutting edge technology. We can evaluate any design and plan the best locations for lighting, cameras, secured entrances, guard stations, controlled access, landscaping recommendations, and more. We can help with designing security patrols and suggest most effective placement of security key stations to ensure the most cost effective and efficient security patrols.

Commonwealth Security Services can also evaluate any current structure to determine if there are areas to improve building security and employee safety. You will receive a detailed report on current conditions, highlighting any weaknesses found, as well as recommendations on how to eliminate these weaknesses.

Commonwealth Security Services knows the importance of protecting life and property in the workplace, and is sensitive to the needs of corporations and managers of residential properties. Our experts can also provide companies with technical security assistance in the areas of counter intelligence, physical armed and unarmed security, loss prevention and covert operations.

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