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The principal of the Fraud Investigative Bureau, Ltd. has investigated Workers' Compensation claims since 1980 for self-insured and state-funded employers. We are fully licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Commerce and a member of the Association of British Investigators. With our years of experience in investigating workers' compensation fraud, we are well qualified to investigate questionable workers' compensation claims. We are knowledgeable of Supreme Court rulings involving workers' compensation cases.

Questionable or fraudulent claims that are filed against an employer, if allowed, reduce a company's profitability and productivity. Law firms typically direct their advertising efforts towards the employees. Even if there is no loss of time from their employment, a claim may still be filed. Unscrupulous doctors, in order to receive treatment payments for an extended period, are often willing to keep claimants away from work.

In these cases, companies have no recourse than to investigate questionable claims. "It is your right!" Our goal is to help you reduce the number of those questionable claims.

Upon completion of each assignment, the client receives a written report containing:

1. A complete search of hospital records
2. Civil and criminal records
3. Past workers' compensation claims
4. Surveillance of the subject's activities
5. Other pertinent information proving your case against the claimant.     

6. Retrieval of claimants medical records (with signed  release.)                                                                                               


Allow the Fraud Investigative Bureau, Ltd. the opportunity to reduce the excessive amount of capital your company loses on fraudulent workers' compensation claims.

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