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Whether or not to employ an individual is among the most critical management decisions for any business. The ramifications of that decision can be far-reaching, and, in some cases, disastrous. How can a manager make this determination with assurance and confidence in the integrity and background of the prospective employee? The answer is an informed and enlightened base of knowledge obtained through a careful pre-employment screening program developed by the Fraud Investigative Bureau.

In the area of pre-employment information services, our efficiency, economy, and skillful analysis makes us unique in our field. All search results are reviewed by a senior investigative associate to ensure accuracy and thoroughness. Any discrepancies or other "Red Flag" indicators are highlighted and investigated further. As a bonus, our fees are among the most competitive available.

Our programs are custom designed to match the degree of depth and detail to your specific needs. This flexibility permits you to explore an individual's background according to the level of classification, requirements, and responsibilities of the position you are trying to fill. For example, a limited report could include verification of prior employment, verification of biographical dates and details, confirmation of education, and any criminal history, whether local, national, or international.

Upon completion of each pre-employment investigation, the client receives a written report containing:

1. Verification of employment history
2. Civil and criminal records
3. Area hospital searches for admission and discharge dates
4. Automobile accident searches
5. Verification of educational background
6. Past workers' compensation claims
7. Any other custom information requested

We suggest you compare the quality of our services, abilities, and costs with those of your current service provider. In order for you to evaluate our system, we invite you to permit us to perform a series of searched for you. You will find that we offer extensive and expanded resources at a most attractive price. Additionally, our reputation and experience demonstrates our commitment to top quality service.

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