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While many investigative agencies are one or two person operations, the Fraud Investigative Bureau, Ltd. consists of a full staff of investigators with a wide range of skills and abilities - a team possessing varied and unique resources. The principal of the FIB has been servicing institutions since 1979, and continually evolve to meet new challenges in the investigative field. We are experienced in a wide range of financial crimes, from simple forgeries and thefts to sophisticated commercial and white-collar crimes, both nationally and internationally.

The foundation of our effectiveness, efficiency, and success is our highly regarded, qualified, and dedicated professional staff. Our veteran investigators are experts in their field, and a great source of pride and confidence.

Our staff possesses specialized abilities in financial analysis, accounting, computers, and criminal intelligence.

Professional Affiliations

We are affiliated with some of the most progressive and sophisticated general investigative firms, thus allowing for additional resources beyond financial investigation. Additionally, we are affiliated with one of the leading firms of certified public accountants specializing in litigation support and experienced in civil and criminal financial investigations. We maintain relationships with several prominent law firms for litigation support and legal counsel.

Our staff members belong to numerous professional organizations that provide support, training and additional resources to our agency.

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